Volunteer Opportunities

We will be posting volunteer opportunities here and on facebook. A volunteer coordinator will work with you and guide you through the projects and provide any training required.

If you are interested in volunteering for any project listed or to be on the list for future projects, contact Gene at Cvtvolunteers@gmail.com for more information and a volunteer application.

Current Projects:

Prairie Seed Collection

Volunteers will collect seed from identified plants when they have fully developed.  Locations and timing for collection will be identified by coordinator.  Samples of plants to look for will be provided to help with identification.  Most seed will be co-mingled, but if there is an abundance of a certain species attempts will be made to sort and store by species. Seed will be collected and dried over the winter to be available to plant the following year.  
Qualifications needed:  Ability to walk on uneven terrain.  Ability to identify target species. 

Native Prairie Restoration –

  • Sumac is invading restoration areas and needs to be removed.
  • Work includes cutting and removal of the plants followed by treatment with herbicides and prescribed fire.
  • This will be an ongoing project so your time commitment is flexible.

Prairie Burning

  • this will happen after the killing frost
  • burning cannot be scheduled in advance – Gene will call when weather conditions are good. Let him know if you are interested

Follow these steps to sign up as a volunteer for the Cannon Valley Trail:

  • Check this page  to learn about volunteer positions available.
  • Contact the CVT staff person designated for each of the opportunities in which you are interested. He or she will inform you if the position is still open and will register you.  
  • Schedule your time with the contact person. Arrive on time (or a little early) to work on the projects for which you registered to work. Be sure to call if you will be absent or need to leave early. The CVT is counting on you to be a dependable volunteer.
  • Represent the CVT in a positive fashion. You are not expected to be knowledgeable in all areas concerning the CVT. If working with the public in your volunteer position, all questions related to CVT policies and procedures are to be referred to your supervisor, or to the CVT administration office 507-263-0508. Avoid expressing personal opinions.
  • Keep track of your hours. This is important for liability coverage, reporting to the CVT Joint Powers Board of Directors, and volunteer recognition. Turn in your hours to your supervisor.

If you have any concerns or special needs, please discuss them with the supervisor of the project. The supervisor will be happy to discuss possible accommodations that may help you successfully perform your volunteer duties