The Trail


The Cannon Valley Trail was dedicated in May of 1986.


The Trail is administered by a 9 member Joint Powers Board referred to as the Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board. The board consists of three local citizens and six elected officials. The board operates as a small unit of government whose only function is to operate the Trail.  The mission of the Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board:

“To manage the Cannon Valley Trail within our abilities and resources, while providing for a diverse and high quality experience.  The Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board accomplishes this mission by making decisions at monthly board meetings.”


The Cannon Valley Trail Joint Powers Board manages the 19.7 mile trail in its entirety, which attracts close to 100,000 users a year. The Trail includes natural and cultural resources, scenic view sheds, rest areas, hiking, biking, inline skating and cross country skiing.


Come and enjoy the Cannon Valley Trail.






The Cannon Valley Trail has been accepted as part of National Geographic’s Geotourism – Mississippi River project. Geotourism is a growing trend across the world and encompasses Places To Go, Where To Stay, and Things To Do along the entire length of the Mississippi River.