Other Power Driven Mobility Devices Policy

Use of  Electric Assist Devices, Pedal Assist and Other Devices on the Cannon Valley Trail

The Cannon Valley Trail adopted a OPDMD (Other Power Driven Mobility Devices) policy for those individuals choosing to use electric assist, pedal assist and other devices.

The Cannon Valley Trail OPDMD Policy says all trail users, not just those with mobility disabilities,  are allowed to use electric assist, pedal assist and other devices on the Cannon Valley Trail.  Approved OPDMDs include:  EPAMD (e.g., Segways®), electric-assisted bicycles and electric powered scooters.

Electric Assist, Pedal Assist and Other Devices must also meet the following Safety Requirements and Criteria:  

  1. Width: Wheelbase width of the Device must not exceed 36” to allow passage of pedestrians and others without going off trail.
  2. Length: Able to maneuver around corner radius without going off trail.
  3. Weight: Must not cause displacement of trail material due to weight, including the weight of the Device and passenger.
  4. Power Source: Noncombustible motor with a maximum noise level not to exceed 55 decibels. And does not exceed 1,000 watts or 1 HP. No fuel powered engines are allowed.
  5. Maneuverability: Capable of adapting to diverse trail conditions, including but not limited to increase/decrease in grade/slope; changes in topography; variable surfaces.
  6. All other established Rules and Regulations for the Cannon Valley Trail apply to the use of Electric Assist, Pedal Assist and Other Devices.
  7. Electric Assist, Pedal Assist and Other Devices must stay on designated trails or bikeways at all times. Exceptions can be made when crossing turf areas to leave or rejoin a trail as necessary.
  8. At no time shall the Electric Assist, Pedal Assist and Other Devices impact natural ecosystems, cause damage to the trail, turf or property, be a detriment to historical or cultural features, or negatively impact other users of the property or neighboring property by physical contact or noise.

Users of these devices are required to have a Wheel Pass for EACH person.  Wheelchair users are exempt from needing a Wheel Pass.

Determining factors include safety to the operator of the OPDMD, safety of other trail users, impact and safety of the environment and the impact on the high quality experience that the Cannon Valley Trail works to provide.

To view the policy – follow this link OPDMD Policy